Summary of Tuesday December 10th

December 11th, 2013 | Posted by judo in Class summary | Intermediate | News

Please note that the techniques summarised below may not necessarily be identical or capture all that was taught in class. This summary is for supplemental purposes only and does not replace live instruction. Techniques should only be practised under instructor supervision.

Nage-waza (throwing technique):

Warm-up exercises:

Ushiro goshi (rear hip throw)

Utsuri goshi (changing hip throw)

Tai otoshi (body drop) moving backwards

Tai otoshi moving sideways

Tai otoshi pulsing uke backwards before entry


Continuing on side sacrifice techniques (yoko sutemi waza, day 1, day 2), yoko wakare (side separation) and yoko gake (side hook or side prop) were demonstrated. Yoko wakare shown as a counter to de ashi barai (forward foot sweep) was also demonstrated.

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