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Please note that the techniques summarised below may not necessarily be identical or capture all that was taught in class.

Nage-waza (throwing technique):

The throw demonstrated in class is tsubame gaeshi, which poetically translates as the swallow reversal, in reference to the acrobatic flight of swallows. This throw is exclusively a counter to a foot sweep such as de ashi barai (forward foot sweep) or okuri ashi barai (sliding foot sweep).

While the above video shows the conventional swallow reversal, Bernard-sensei also taught another variation that sweeps the support leg of uke rather than uke‘s sweeping foot. This variation can be seen in the below video:

However, since practising tsubame gaeshi requires that uke commit to the foot sweep in order to be countered, de ashi barai was also reviewed.

Ne-waza (ground technique):

Several escapes from kami shiho gatame (upper four quarter hold) and yoko shiho gatame (side four quarter hold) were taught.

The first kami shiho gatame escape relies on mobility by pushing off your partner’s shoulders and shrimping, then turning back into uke to regain guard.

The second kami shiho gatame escape relies on threading an arm under uke‘s chin and reaching behind to grab uke‘s back. This creates space and allows for movement and further disruption of uke‘s pin and base. The two following videos show something similar to what was shown in class:

The third kami shiho gatame escape is an inverted reversal that operates by insertion of the knees and shins between tori and uke, and rolling to reverse position. Two video examples are below:

The first yoko shiho gatame escape was follows shoulder bridging, shrimping out the hips, and insertion of the nearside knee and shin to maintain distance. These principles, and other details such as blocking and framing uke‘s neck and hip with the hands, can be found in the below video:

The second yoko shiho gatame escape is initiated by shoulder bridging and turning into uke, provoking uke to push back in. Tori then reaches over and grabs the belt and pulls uke over to reverse position. Two similar videos are shown below:

The third yoko shiho gatame escape involves putting uke into sankaku jime (triangle choke).

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