Summary of Saturday April 26th

April 27th, 2014 | Posted by judo in Class summary | Intermediate | News

Please note that the techniques summarised below may not necessarily be identical or capture all that was taught in class.

Nage-waza (throwing technique):

Utsuri goshi, the switching hip throw, was demonstrated. This is a counter hip throw that starts when tori blocks uke‘s forward throw by pushing in the hips. In competition, in response to current iteration of rules, this throw has become a popular counter option as demonstrated by the image of Kayla Harrison (USA) below.

Classically, the throw is done like in the first clip below, but it is often more effective to draw a leg back and angle one’s hips as in the second clip. Any way one does utsuri goshi, it is still a hip throw and consequently a “hip bump” is still needed to throw uke.

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