Summary of Tuesday June 3rd

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Please note that the techniques summarised below may not necessarily be identical or capture all that was taught in class.

Nage-waza (throwing technique):

Ushiro goshi, the rear hip throw, was demonstrated again. First, the canonical approach was demonstrated as uke enters with a hip throw, and tori counters uke. Note that tori is grabbing around uke‘s waist and is then lifting uke with the hip being the focal point of contact; moreover, tori intercepts uke at an angle before uke can fully turn her/his back and commit to their throw attempt.

The variation on ushiro goshi is in the situation where uke has fully turned his/her back while committing to a throw attempt was also demonstrated. In this case, tori lifts uke and then brushes uke‘s legs away to the side; in the right-hand situation, tori‘s right leg will be brushing uke‘s legs away to the left. While not exactly what was demonstrated, the below gif shows a similar leg-action follow through. As the Kodokan video notes, this is still a variation of ushiro goshi.


Ne-waza (ground technique)

The “scissor guard” was demonstrated. This form of “open” guard helps keep off forward pressure from uke, and is conducive to reversals and other manipulations of uke.

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