Summary of Tuesday August 5th

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Nage-waza (throwing technique):

uh, yum.

A wraparound version of ko-uchi gari, the minor inner reap, was demonstrated. Unofficially, it is often also called ko-uchi makikomi because of the similarity of its wraparound action to throws such as soto-makikomi, o-soto makikomi, etc. As an aside, a good mnemonic to remember the meaning of “makikomi” is the “maki” root, which refers to rolls and comes up on sushi menus.

Because this variation of ko-uchi gari is done as a sacrifice technique (sutemi-waza), it can be a very powerful technique because it requires full commitment of balance in order to throw uke. Indeed, it was a favoured technique of Toshihiko Koga, a celebrated judoka, and complemented Koga’s predilection for ippon seoi nage, the one-arm shouldering throw. Entry into ko-uchi makikomi from ippon seoi nage was also demonstrated. Because this is a sacrifice technique, a hip-blocking stiff-arm counter combined with evasion was also demonstrated.

Ne-waza (ground technique):

Several armlocks were reviewed:

Ude-hishigi ude gatame – the arm-assisted armlock

Ude-hishigi translates as armlock, while ude means arm and gatame means hold.

Ude-hishigi juji gatame – the cross armlock.

A good mnemonic is the root of “juji” or “ju“, which refers to the written character for ten (十). That is, the body positions of tori and uke form something that looks like 十, hence an idiomatic translation is the cross armlock. One will also encounter juji in juji jime, the cross choke.

Ude-hishigi ashi gatame – the leg-assisted armlock

Ashi, like in de-ashi barai or okuri ashi barai, means leg.

Ude-hishigi waki gatame – the armpit armlock

Waki means armpit, and a good mnemonic is that it can come out of nowhere and whack you. Or that it’s wacky, your choice!

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