We recommend members read this important primer (pdf) about safety, principles and values of judo practice. Our current club constitution can also be found here (pdf).

A former instructor and graduate student, Jon Roberts, wrote a Masters thesis (pdf) on the inclusion of judo into the Japanese middle school curriculum in 1931, and attendant context and arising implications.

Below are a series of articles on judo pedagogy by Sensei Ronald Désormeaux. Additional insightful articles can be found on Scribd. Clicking on any link below will take you to the article reader:

#33 – Victory or Defeat in Judo

#35 – Cultivation of the Mind-Heijoshin

#36 – Beware of the Power of Hidarikiki hito (left handed person)

#38 – Let Us Talk About Shime Waza

#39 – Katsu! The Art of Resuscitation

#48 – Addressing Bogyo Shisei

#49 – Managing Critical Conditions in a Judo Confrontation

#50 – Judo as an Art form

#51 – Increasing Speed and Accuracy in Judo

#52 – Kumi Kata in Judo

#53 – A Glimpse at Katame-Ne Waza in Judo

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