Yellow belt (gokyu) syllabus

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Nage Waza (Throwing Techniques)
O GoshiMajor hip throw
Koshi gurumaHip wheel
O soto gariMajor outer reap
O uchi GariMajor inner reap
Ippon Seoi NageOne “arm” shoulder(ing) throw

Osaekomi Waza (Hold Down Techniques)
Hon kesa gatame – Basic “scarf” hold
Yoko shiho gatameSide four quarters hold
Kami shiho gatameUpper four quarters hold
Tate shiho gatameLongitudinal four quarters hold
Kata gatame – Shoulder hold

Shime Waza (Strangulation Techniques)
Hadaka JimeNaked strangle

Kansetsu Waza (Joint Locking Techniques)
Ude Hishigi Juji GatameCross arm lock

Beginner technique recap

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This mid-semester technique recap is for supplemental purposes only and does not replace live instruction. Please only practise techniques under instructor supervision.

How to tie your belt and Pants, how do they work?— an instructional.

Warm-ups (taiso):

  • Shrimps (forward and reverse)
  • Mat drags
  • Partner-assisted rows
  • etc.

Break-fall techniques (ukemi):

  • Backward break-fall (ushiro ukemi)
  • Side break-fall (yoko ukemi)
  • Forward rolling break-fall (zenpo kaiten ukemi or mae mawari ukemi)

Throwing techniques (nage-waza):

  • O-soto gari (major outer reap)
  • O-uchi gari (major inner reap)
  • O-goshi (major hip throw)
  • Ippon seoi nage (one [arm] shoulder throw)
  • De-ashi barai (front foot sweep)

Ground techniques (ne-waza):

  • Hon kesa gatame (basic “scarf” hold, a pin or osaekomi-waza)
Full yellow belt syllabus (pdf).

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