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Online Resources

  • Gokyo: A list of the Judo throws
  • Judo Information Site: A comprehensive collection of judo photos, articles, pictures, and links.
  • Judopedia: An associated site to the Judo Information site.
  • Wikipedia Judo: Wikipedia’s entry on judo.
  • E-Judo forum: An active forum for judo discussion.
  • The seven values of judo: courage, sincerity, honour, courtesy, modesty, respect, self-control, and friendship.
  • r/judo: Reddit forum for judo discussion.
  • r/BJJ: Reddit forum for Brazilian jiu jitsu, a sister martial art to judo.
  • r/fitness FAQ: An introduction to fitness
  • r/bodyweightfitness FAQ: Reddit primer for bodyweight strength training without access to free weights or machines.

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A former instructor and graduate student, Jon Roberts, wrote a Masters thesis (pdf) on the inclusion of judo into the Japanese middle school curriculum in 1931, and attendant context and arising implications.

Below are a series of articles on judo pedagogy by former Sensei Ronald Désormeaux. Clicking on any link below will take you to the article reader: