Jorge Comrie Jorge Comrie – Black belt 5th danHead and Beginner Class Instructor

Jorge started judo in 1967 at the National Judo Center in Panama City, then came to Canada in 1973 to study, and graduated from York University with a degree in economics. Over the next decades he went back and forth between Panama and Canada and trained at various clubs here and there, including the Hatashita Dojo and the Minoru Judo Club, both in Toronto. With over 40 years of experience, including international competition highlights such as several PanAmerican games and the 1976 Olympics in Montreal, Jorge is our most seasoned judoka and the Chief Instructor of the club. Jorge holds a fifth degree black belt (go-dan) and has been with the UofT Judo Club since 2001.

 Izidor Marinovich – Black belt 3rd danIntermediate Class Instructor

Izidor was born in Croatia and came to Canada in 1973, having started practicing judo at 14 years of age. Izidor came in second in Judo Kata Club open category at age 15, came in second at age 16 and first at ages 17 and 18 as a lightweight in the National Junior Competition, and second in the National Senior’s shortly after. He performed in team competition with a record of seventeen wins and one loss due to injury. Izidor was asked to teach as guest instructor in the Oshawa Judo Club, University of London, and the YMCA. He was also a judo instructor with the German Judo Club Harmony and Hatashita Judo Club. Izidor joined the UofT Judo Club 45 years ago, on occasion training with the Provincial and National teams. UofT requested Izidor to teach intermediate and advanced judo classes at UofT, which he has performed for the last 25 years, including the post-pandemic restart of judo training at Hart House after a 2-year hiatus. Sensei Izidor holds a 3rd degree black belt (san-dan).

Bernard Letendre – Black belt 3rd danBeginner and Advanced Class Instructor

Over the past four decades, Bernard has achieved high rankings, including many podiums, in various regional, provincial, national and international tournaments, including a 5th place finish at the 2010 World Masters Judo Championships. Before moving to Toronto in 2011, Bernard trained for over thirty years under Sensei Raymond Damblant, 9th dan, at Club Hakudokan in Montréal, where he was also an assistant instructor for almost 10 years. Bernard is registered with the Coaching Association of Canada as a Level II Coach (Dojo Instructor).