All our classes are held in the Activities Room of Hart House. Participants must be Hart House members and pay the course fees. We cannot accommodate guests on a pay-per-visit basis. All information about current judo class schedules and prices, as well as information on membership options, is available from the Hart House Registered Classes guide.

We currently offer Judo classes at three levels, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced, in four terms:

  • Fall (September to December; 12 weeks)
  • Winter (January to April; 12 weeks)
  • Spring (May and June; 8 weeks)
  • Summer (July and August; 8 weeks)


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For the Beginner level, no previous experience is necessary. Attend the judo demonstration that is usually scheduled one week before classes start to get a clear picture of what judo is about and to speak to the instructors directly. If you decide to sign up for the beginners’ class, you may initially come in normal gym wear (e.g. T-shirt and sweat pants), but you must wear a judo uniform (judogi) after two weeks of class. Uniforms are available for purchase through the club. Uniforms purchased from other retailers are acceptable. In the Beginner class, break falling, basic groundwork (generally pins, with some simple armlocks and chokes) and basic throwing techniques are taught. At the end of this class, students undergo a grading exam to receive their yellow belt, which allows them to participate in the intermediate level classes.

*Please note that Beginner classes are not offered during the Spring and Summer terms.

Instructors: Jorge Comrie, Bernard Letendre, Etienne Lamoureux


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At the Intermediate level, practitioners must hold a yellow belt or higher in judo. While extensive previous experience in other grappling arts such as wrestling or Brazilian jiujitsu may allow one to practise with experienced judoka, please speak to an instructor before registering for the Intermediate class. Emphasis in this class is on learning new techniques and improving basics, and practicing them in frequent “free practice” (randori or sparring) sessions. Grading for coloured belts (orange to brown) can be arranged during this class.

Instructors: Izidor Marinovich


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The Advanced level class is intended for judo practitioners holding an orange belt or higher, and is recommended as a supplementary and complementary practice for members of the Intermediate class. In this class, advanced judo techniques, combinations, and strategies are taught with a competitive aspect in mind.

Instructor: Bernard Letendre